Vulpes Inculta is a supporting antagonist in Fallout: New Vegas, a high-ranking member of Caesar's Legion and the leader of the Frumentarii caste, who perform special undercover assignments for Caesar. Vulpes is a horrible, evil man who commits unspeakable atrocities, but is uncharacteristically calm and polite for someone in his occupation, showing almost no emotion at all.

He is first seen when you go to the real-life town of Nipton, located on the California-Nevada state border, and find that it has just been destroyed by Vulpes and his men, who have crucified the residents. He says that he made the people hold a "lottery" to determine who would be spared, and that they deserved it because they did nothing to protect each other and acted selfishly during the lottery, only caring about themselves being spared. The player then gets a quest to inform the NCR at Mojave Outpost of what happened there. Because the Nipton is meant to be visited very early in the game, the player will usually be too low a level to kill Vulpes Inculta and his men during the first encounter.

Vulpes next appears at the New Vegas Strip after you meet Mr. House, where he is disguised as a regular civilian, where he invites you to meet Caesar himself at the Legion's home base on Fortification Hill, who wants to enlist the Courier to the Legion's side. When you go to the Fort, he is standing next to Caesar in his throne room, and offers another quest, where it is revealed that Inculta is secretly working with the Omerta crime family of the New Vegas Strip to kill all the residents of the Strip with gas bombs once the final battle at Hoover Dam starts.

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