Twenty-four hours' work and nosy grindstone!
~ The Chancellor

The Vulgarian Chancellor, also referred to as simply The Chancellor, is a minor villain in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He is played by Stanley Unwin.


As his name suggests, he is the chancellor of the European nation of Vulgaria, and appears to be second in the government after Baron and Baroness Bomburst. Like most of the Vulgarian nobility, he is extremely eccentric. He plays pool with invisible balls and tends to speak complete nonsense, such as referring to work as "worky nosy grindstone." He is first seen aboard Baron Bomburst's ship alongside him and the Admiral, where he conspires with him to obtain Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Later, is with the Baron in his airship when he arrives to kidnap Grandpa Potts. During these scenes, he is dressed in a suit and top hat, with his large necklace of office draped over his shoulders. In Vulgaria, he wears a large curly gray wig and long flowing robes, leading some viewers to think he is a different character. Later, the Chancellor attends the Baron's birthday party, and when the revolting Vulgarians attack the castle, the Chancellor is defeated along with the Baron and the other nobles.