The Vulgarian Admiral is a minor villain in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He was played by Davy Kaye.


The Admiral appears to be the head of Vulgaria's military. He is a very short, almost midget-like man always dressed in a pompous military uniform. He is first seen on Baron Bomburst's ship when the Vulgarians first try and steal Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When Grandpa Potts is kidnapped by the Baron and taken to Vulgaria, the Admiral is the one who greets him and takes him inside the castle and introduces him to the Bombursts. When Caractacus Potts, Truly Scrumptious and the Potts children arrived in Chitty, the Admiral ordered the Vulgarian army along with the Child Catcher to go and acquire the car. He is eventually defeated at the end of the movie along with all of the other Vulgarian nobles.