The Vril-Ya, or, as they were more commonly known, the Vrilerinnen, were a group of ancient human-alien hybrids who were created many years ago. They were mostly blonde and possessed superior intellects to ordinary humans, and also virtually ageless, eternally young, possessing long lifespans, and were for all intents and purposes immortal. However they could be killed like ordinary humans. Although they were part alien, they appeared as normal humans.

At the time of World War II, there were only five Vril-Ya left - their leader Maria, her right-hand man Daniel, and their companions Val, Ana and Talina. They lived in a cave called Vril Gesellschaft on Rügen Island off the coast of Europe. Although none of the five were related, they each referred to one another as brother and sister affectionately.

They were extremely ruthless and looked down on ordinary humans as being inferior, and wanted to conquer the world and create a master race in their own image. To do so they needed and army, as there were only five of them. To this, they allied themselves with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, because they believed Hitler shared their ideals of a master race. Eager to win World War II with their assistance and their advanced technology, Hitler gave them vast amounts of men and resources, including a compliment of Waffen-SS troops commanded by the fanatical General Hoff. They built their facility on Rügen Island.

As the ride of war turned against the Nazis, Maria grew disappointed with their erstwhile human allies. She instead turned to the Cycloid Emperor, who sent her his armies through a portal to the island's main building. At Maria's command, the aliens slaughtered all of the Nazis inside the building except for Dr. Sigmund Fraud and his colleagues. She herself personally shot Hoff. The SS troops stationed outside were left alone to continue their duties and keep up appearances, unaware of Hoff's death and the Vril-Ya's betrayal. Hitler, likewise, knew nothing of the developments on Rügen Island.

All the Vril-Ya's plans were ruined when, in the future, former French Resistance fighter Elisa Plewmann sent Duke Nukem back in time to 1945 to assist her younger self and her comrades in storming the Nazi base on the island. They succeeded in stopping the invasion, killing the Nazis and the aliens. Daniel, Val, Ana and Talina were blown up in their ship by Conner Sean in a suicide attack, while Maria was killed by Elise. Thus the Vril-Ya were eradicated.