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A Vraal

Vraals are monsters that are part of the Shadow Lord's army and creatures in Deltora Quest. They were made solely for fighting.


Vraals are similar to crocodiles in terms of skin; they have brownish green criss-crossing scales all over their body. They have very small eyes in the front and back of the head and no nose. Instead, their head is mostly taken up by their large mouth filled with long razor-sharp teeth. Vraals also have long claws on their hands and hoof-like feet. They can also swing their rather long tail with much force.

All of these destructive features make Vraals absolutely deadly in battle.


  • Lief and his companions first encountered a Vraal on Dread Mountain.
  • More Vraals were shown in The Shadowlands where they are used in the Shadow Arena where they are used for a 'sport' of death.

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