Vorn the Unspeakable is a villain from the cartoon series Freakazoid!, voiced by Richard Moll. He is a horrific humanoid creature from another dimension summoned by Waylon Jeepers to help him defeat Freakazoid and retrieve his mystical watch which can turn people into statues. Vorn is very loyal to his master, Jeepers, although through the course of the story the two develop a comically weird love/hate relationship and are seen bickering and arguing about things like whether their enemies should be eaten by Vorn or turned into statues by Jeepers. Vorn always introduces himself as "I am Vorn the Unspeakable!" followed by some sinister phrase like "The skulls of those who defy me bleach in the suns of a hundred worlds!" and ending with "And you are?".


  • Vorn's design is clearly inspired by Cthulhu, although he is much smaller and not nearly as powerful.
  • As seen in the scene where Freakazoid and Cosgrove are interrogating monsters, Count Dracula is familiar with Vorn, describing him as a "nice guy" although "a little insecure".
  • According to Professor Heiny, the only known photograph of Vorn the Unspeakable comes from the police archives, as he was once arrested in Miami in 1989 for attempting to eat a police officer.