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Vookimedlo's demon form

Vookimedlo is the main villain and final boss from Toki / Juju Densetsu. An evil sorcerer, Vookimedlo conjures a large golden citadel and orders his minion Bashtar to kidnap the lovely Miho, which is then taken to his fortress. Toki, Miho's lover, attempts to stop the evil sorcerer, only to get turned into a ape. And so starts Toki's quest to rescue his lover and return to his human form.

After traversing various places and defeating the sorcerer's minions, Toki finally arrives at the Golden Castle, where he confronts Vookimedlo. On his first form, Vookimedlo changes into a tall demon covered by a robe, shooting semi-homing crescent shots from his mouth. On the second form he discards the robe, revealing his body to be a large floating ribcage, with his heart as the weak point. He attacks by dropping explosives, sending his floating hands or even his head to attack the player directly. Toki ultimately prevails, thus regaining his manhood and saving Miho.

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