Von Maus (Earth-616)
A man that Adolf Hitler claimed was his "only friend in the world", Von Maus was one of the foremost man-hunters employed in Nazi Germany during World War II. During 1941 the activities of the Destroyer would anger Hitler to the point where he would assign Von Maus to try and capture the masked vigilante.

Von Maus then staked out at the hotel where the Destroyer had recently freed a captured British spy. Growing suspicious of a waiter (who was really Keen Marlow, the Destroyers alter ego posing as a waiter to disrupt Nazi operations at the hotel) Von Maus would tell the waiter that he had just captured the Destroyer, banking on the hope that the true Destroyer would not allow an innocent person be killed in his place. Von Maus's hunch proved correct and upon leaving the hotel, he would be followed by Keen who would change into the destroyer.

Although Von Maus got the drop on the Destroyer, the hero would prove the superior combatant and knock Von Maus out with a single punch. When Von Maus came around and returned to Hitler, it would be just after the Destroyer (disguised as Von Maus) humiliated the dictator and pinned a sign on his back displaying the letter "V" for victory and fought his way out of the base.

Von Maus's fate is unknown, but it seems unlikely he survived that day.