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Volucris Falco

Volucris Falco: A Falcon Lord, the method of killing is the same as Ulucus. Created by the OverLord to aid the Ulucus in fight/pursue Gills. The Lord was later sent after Agito to hold him at bay until his master arrived. Falco later attempted to kill the powerless riders on his master's order. With Hojo's aid, G3-X killed the Falco with his GX-05 Cerberus. However, Falco managed to damage Kino with a fatal headbutt to the stomach. Leading to his death.

Movie War 2010

Volucris Falco was part of the group Super Shocker led by Colonel Zol who witnessed the revival of the Super Crisis Fortress. When a newly revived Tsukasa, Natsumi, Yusuke, and Kaito arrives, he fought Kamen Rider Decade until Kamen Rider Diend finishes him with his Final Attack Ride in an exchange finisher.

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