Volkhvy was a malevolent Marvel comics super-villain who saw humans as little more than cattle to feed and serve him, he also embodied the genocidal war that engulfed his nation and had an intense, ancient rivalry with Ember : he was primarily an enemy of Force Works.


Volkhvy was Ember’s opposite number, mystic champion of the Slorene race. Choosing to rule in secret as the true power behind the Slorene government, Volkhvy had abandoned whatever mystic artifact empowered him, choosing the power granted to him by The Program instead. The vampiric Volkhvy looked upon humanity as mere cattle, existing only to feed and serve him.

Who Volkhvy’s human host was remains unknown as does how he came to power in Slorenia (although it was said that country had endured generations of Slorene tyranny, even under the Communists, suggesting that Volkhvy had been the power behind the throne for many years).

Dr. Irena Renko on the Slorenian conflict and Volkhvy: 

"Thousands of years ago, a racial feud turned into an eternal conflict 
when it became     infected with mystical power. Now neither side can 
win. As one side grows in power, the other shrinks...then the balance 
is reversed. Until one side lays down it’s arms, we are doomed to 

"That which does not truly live, cannot die."

(Force Works #5)- After meeting with Force Works and planning to hunt down Ember, Black Brigade and Boshlovor reported to Volkhvy in his underground chamber, informing him of their progress. He ordered Black Brigade to let Force Works lead him to Ember to then destroy him, no matter who came in his way.

(War Machine #14)- Black Brigade called Volkhvy away from his work on The Program to inform him that Locomotive Breath had returned to Slorenia and brought War Machine with him, seeking access to The Program. Volkhvy explained that both he and Locomotive Breath relied on The Program for it’s life-giving power, that Locomotive Breath was the one who had built it, and then sent Black Brigade to keep them away from The Program at all costs.

(Force Works #11)- Boshlovor reported to Volkhvy on the progress of the meeting on a trade agreement with Tony Stark and gave him one of Stark’s combination watch/miniature televisions. Volkhvy explained how Stark’s technology could enable them to improve The Program and make it a thousand times more efficient. Weakened,  Volkhvy required Boshlovor’s aid to renew his strength through The Program, and he also sent Black Brigade to take a squad of Targoth and ‘harvest’ more Dudak to power The Program.

Tracking the Tabissara through the watches, Stark and Spider-Woman, posing as Stark's aide, realized that ten of them were above ground, with one more below. Spider-Woman managed to sneak under the Slorene Parliament building into Volkhvy’s underground bunker where she was confronted by Volkhvy, who informed her that she had seen too much.

(In-between issues) BTS - Volkhvy defeated Spider-Woman and  imprisoned her in The Program’s pod-banks beside a number of Dudak prisoners.

(Force Works #12)- Planning to use Spider-Woman to boost his own power, Volkhvy explained to her that he was the lord-champion of the Slorene race, about his feud with his opposite number Ember, and the nature and purpose of The Program.

As he prepared to feed, Ember broke through a wall and attacked Volkhvy, who defended himself with his sword.  Ultimately, Ember proved too powerful for him, shattering his armor, then draining his life force, killing him, at least until his inevitable return.