Volga (in Japanese: ヴァルガ Varuga), also known as the Dragon Knight, (in Japanese: 灼熱凶戦士 Shakunetsu Kyou Senshi) is a powerful Dragon warrior with the powers of the dragon and a major antagonist in The Legend of Zelda spin-off: Hyrule Warriors. He is a member of Cia's army and commands a legion of monster along with Wizzro.


Volga was the general of Cia's army and one point he traded his soul to Cia for greater power.

Volga first confronts Link and the Hyrulean Forces after the Dark Forces lay siege to Hyrule Field. He arrives at the Abandoned Fort after the Hyrulean Forces attempt to secure it, initiating a fight. Link manages to beat him before Volga ends the battle and decides to kill Link for his interference. He attacks him with his transformed draconian arm, but is stopped by Impa. Volga attempts to burn the two of them with a fire blast but finds they have both survived by a magical barrier created from Link's Triforce of Courage that appeared on his hand. Volga then retreats, allowing the Hyrulean Forces to resume their counterattack and to open the Mine Entrance.

After Cia opens the Gate of Souls to the different eras, Volga travels to Skyloft in, where he leads the Dark Forces and terrorizes the inhabitants. He faces Link in combat again after Fi connects the islands of Skyloft with the help of Levias. Volga is eager to fight Link again, and just when he is about to be defeated, he mocks him as he grows stronger in strength and speed, He is however weakened after Link and Fi pray to the Great Fairy, who sends Fairies to bring Pumpkin Soup to Levias. Levias' empowered electrical blast weakens Volga, allowing Link to defeat him and he again retreats.

Volga again faces Link a fourth and final time at the Valley of Seers in the final battle against Cia. Cia summons him mid-way into the battle and fortifies him with her life energy. He demands to fight with the Allies' commander and charges after Princess Zelda. She however attempts to reason with him instead of fighting, and questions him how he can find greatness in using dark magic to fight his battles. She tries to confess him that she needs him to be a noble knight, and not a pawn for the Dark Forces. Zelda's words manage to convince and bring Volga back to his senses, and he betrays his alliance to the Dark Forces as the dark power is pushed away from him. He resolves to fight Link one final time in a fair fight and readily advances toward him. Link defeats him again, and Volga admits his defeat but without regrets.

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