All this trouble over a fat little man in a red suit!
~ Voldar on Martian efforts to kidnap Santa Claus

Voldar was an antagonist from the 1964 film Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

A member of the Martian ruling council, Voldar generally did not like Kimar and felt that the people of Mars were becoming too soft. When Kimar became concerned about the children of Mars becoming sullen and angry, the council met the 800 year old Chochem who said that the children were upset because there was no joy in their lives. Learning about Santa Claus, Kimar decided to bring him to Mars to help bring joy to the Martian children. Voldar opposed this, feeling there was nothing wrong with the way things were being run now and that the children did not need joy in their lives. Kimar overruled him and the council left to retrieve Santa Claus from Earth.

After the Martians kidnapped Billy and Betty they went to the North Pole where the children escaped. Upon learning of the escape the Martian robot Torg was dispatched to find the children. When Torg found the children Voldar tried to have Torg kill them, but having foreseen problems Kimar had programmed the robot to only obey Kimar. The Martians were able to capture Santa Claus and left for Mars on their ship.

On the way back to Mars Voldar tried to murder both Santa and the children by trapping them in an airlock that he proceeded to open. However Santa and the children escaped the airlock, and Kimar placed Voldar into custody. Voldar escaped from the ship's brig and went in to hiding.

Voldar decided to take Santa hostage before he could spread joy throughout Mars. He captured a man with a beard and a red suit, however it was Kimar's servant Droppo - who had become quite taken with the role of Santa and dressed up as him.

Soon Voldar confronted the real Santa in the toy shop. Santa and the children attacked Voldar with a large number of toys. Kimar was able to get the children to cease fire, and had his men take Voldar into custody.

Realizing that with Droppo would be a good Santa Claus for the children of Mars, Kimar took Santa and the children back to Earth in time for Christmas.


  • Voldar was played by Vincent Beck.