By the powers of naughtiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce to be really, really HOT!
~ Hot Sauce Drop

The Volcano Sauce Drop, listed in the credits as the Hot Sauce Drop, is a minor villain in the Season 1 SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Karate Choppers". It is a living drop of Volcano Sauce that Sandy Cheeks uses to intimidate SpongeBob during one of their duels, taking the scuffle a bit far.

He is portrayed by Tom Kenny, who also portrays Patchy the Pirate and SpongeBob himself within the same show.


While SpongeBob and Sandy are partaking in a routine karate match, Sandy gets the upper hand and grabs SpongeBob's tongue. She then pulls out a bottle of Volcano Sauce and proceeds to begin slowly pouring some out of the bottle onto SpongeBob's tongue. As the camera zooms onto the drop dangling from the bottle, it grows a live action human face and cackles evil, commanding the drop to be extra hot just to torment SpongeBob by using the "powers of naughtiness" (a kid's way of referring to Satanism). This terrifies SpongeBob and causes him to forfeit the match before the punishment can be carried out.

While some argument has been made that SpongeBob imagined the whole ordeal, it has not been confirmed by any staff, crew, actors, or creators.


In his brief appearance, the Hot Sauce Drop is shown to be vastly evil and sadistic, seeming to want to cause extensive pain to whoever eats/drinks him. He also seems to have ties to otherworldly and possible demonic powers.


The drop appears as a shiny, round drop of bright red liquid. When his face appears, it is that of a adult man with red all over except his eyes and mouth, which glow white. He also has grey eyes.


The Hot Sauce Drop has gained a reputation among fans and watchers of the show as one of the funniest throw away jokes in he franchise, but also as one of the scariest and most unsettling moments in the series, with some parents even reporting that the scene with him scared some children. He now has a bit of an internet following as a funny, but dark character in a lighthearted kid's show.





  • In the Season 1 DVD commentary, Tom Kenny stated that he had to wear red makeup all over his face in order to make the hot sauce scene better.
    • He also stated that the scene was shot in the Nickelodeon restroom, and he had an audition on that same day the scene was shot, but the red makeup would not come off fully.

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