The 7D Volcano Monster
The 7D are no bueno, thanks to the monster from the volcano!
~ Lord Grudgemunger, taunting the 7D ready to summon the Volcano Monster

The Volcano Monster is an antagonist from the episode "The Rock of Sages", which is the Season 1 finale of The 7D. It is summoned by Lord Grudgemunger in the second part of the episode. Inspired by Chernabog, it can throw fireballs at intruders who reach Mount Jollywood. Like his resemblance, the volcano monster has no dialogue.

Physical Appearance

It is a Chernabog lookalike, except it's skin is colored red.


When Grudgemunger is ready to get rid of the 7D, he summons the volcano monster for backup assistance. It can throw fireballs to destroy the 7D. When the monster is being distracted by most of the 7D, Dopey kept changing many stories towards Grudgemunger's book to stop massive havoc. When Grudgemunger said that the volcano monster was tricked to the sea, it ran towards the water and is eventually killed and extinguished.


  • The Volcano Monster coincidentally resembles Chernabog from the Fantasia segment "A Night on Bald Mountain".