Volcano Mask General Magman, sometimes translated as Fire Mountain Mask is a general in the Black Cross Army. He replaced Iron Mask Temujin after his many failures to kill off the Gorangers. He was recruited from the volcanic Eldgja region in Iceland in Episode 42. Leader of the ruthless Funkan Gundan (Eruption Battalion). A cruel and calculating despot, he commanded his own mobile battle fortress dubbed Navarone, named after the Nazi Cannons off the Greek Aegean Islands in World War II. He had the ability to fire napalm missiles from the top of his volcano Mask. He was virtually impervious to Gorangers' weapons and was a master combatant. When the Goranger Machines were made to crash inside Navarone, it exploded from within taking him with it in Episode 54. His main attack was his Volcano Mask Rage Eruption.


The Navarone was Magman's underground fortress that appeared with him from episodes 42 to 54. It was often defeated by the Varidreen in battle and could store at least eighteen condolers at a time. The fortress was armed with four double-barreled main guns, a flamethrower at the base, and an energy barrier. The Navarone could also fly for quick escapes.