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Volcamon was a minor villain in Digimon Frontier and possibly a minion of Mercurymon/Sakkakumon.


Volcamon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that looks like a muscular man with armor and a volcano on his back. He carries a microphone and for some reason, has D-1 marked on his chest.

Digimon Frontier

Volcamon was the guardian of one of Sakkakumon’s Spheres. J.P. was the one who encountered him. Volcamon loved to mess with J.P's head by saying that he was all alone and his friends did not like him. Furious, J.P. Spirit-Evolved to Beetlemon and attacks Volcamon. During the battle, Beetlemon was almost defeated by Volcamon's Magma Bass attack, but Beetlemon was still able to defeat Volcamon with his Thunder Fist atack. Upon Volcamon's defeat, he warned him about being alone.


  • Volcamon is said be singing rivals with Etemon.
  • Unlike other destroyed Digimon in the series, Volcamon is still alive when his Fractal Code is scanned and he is disintegrated, as the others are dead before the scan takes place. It could be that Beetlemon's attack mortally wounded him and the scan sped up his death. Also of note, when Volcamon is destroyed there seems to be no Digiegg left behind, much like Golemon.


  • Magma Bass
  • Big Bang Tackle

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