Go now you dogs-- or suffer the same fate! Flee and tell everyone that Volbragg has returned! Vollbragg has returned and he demands tribute! Bring me the fear or face the darkness...!!
~ Volbragg

Volbragg is a power-mad evil ghost and the main antagonist of the comic book, Casper and the Spectrals.

Volbragg was once a human in his former life, a corrupt policitian Willem George Volbragg was a cruel and power hungry man in his lifetime and lived in the Dutch town of New Amsterdam (now called New York) within the 17th century. When he was executed by the townsfolk, he still seeks to take over New Amsterdam, After his death he became the wicked entity that soon temporalily ruled the underworld, Volbragg.



  • In the comics, his name is erroneously spelled "Volbragg".