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Void is the leader of the Nightmares in the Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga. Despite being summoned via virgin sacrifice in Volume 1, it seems he has yet to return to full power.


During his first appearance in volume 1, he appeared as a large floating mass of ash, with a face similar to a Roman Helmet. During volume 3, he appeared to be wearing a long black robe whilst having six rod-shaped protrusions floating along his shoulder line. It isn't clear how large he may actually be as he was about Nabonidus' size when they fought.


He, along with the rest of nightmares, are demonic creatures that said to be the primary causes of nightmares that suffered by mankind. It was said that whenever humans are sleeping and having dreams, their pure minds can sometimes see the Dreamworlds. In doing so however, they became vulnearable with these foul creatures. In spite of this, this matter doesn't truly a serious problem as they have their counterparts within the Dreamworld. These counterparts called Dreamkeepers, which taking form as anthropomorphic animals with immense powers, which their appearance and powers are depends on person themselves.


Void has displayed the same kind of destructive nature that Nightmares share in wanting to eradicate Dreamkeepers from the world, and appears to desire much more as he left the Nightmares to another in order to seek out and destroy other realms. When he returned, however, he was furious that the world he had conquered and wished to punish whoever was responsible for it. He seems to harbor some ill-will toward Nabonidus, who while took charge of the Nightmare, they seem to have known each other before.


Chapter 1

Void made his return to the Dreamworld after Scuttler sacrificed Jeneviv to summon him. Appearing from the depths of the pit used to call him, he questioned why he was brought back after what he thought was a conquered world. He learned that somehow, the Dreamkeepers were able to defeat them after he left and that Arazu, the previous lord he left in charge, vanished without a trace. Scuttler then told him that they were now being led by Nabonidus, much to Void's dismay.

Chapter 7

A few days later, Void confronted Nabonidus and appeared to have battled one another, resulting in a massive explosion that left Nabonidus unscathed, and assumingly the same for himself.


Void's face and shaping appear on the back cover of Volume 1 alongside a sandman and the Underlord.