The Vohrsoth is the ultimate villain of Star Trek: Elite Force and the mastermind behind the game's main campaign - it was created at an unknown point in the Distant Past by a race known simply as the Ancient Ones and developed deep xenophobic and megalomaniacal tendencies that made it seek to conquer the Galaxy and exterminate all other species in its twisted pursuit of "perfection".

Using a terrifying space-station known only as the Forge it gathered thousands of vessels from innumerable species into a section of uncharted space where it released Harvester ships to literally tear the vessels apart, killing untold millions in the process and forcing the survivors to live in fear of not just the Harvester ships but also piratical raids by a desperate faction known as the Scavengers, who were forced to pillage other vessels to survive in the death-trap

The Vohrsoth had also travelled across the Galaxy and abducted countless life-forms, dissecting and killing them so as to extract their DNA to create a "Reaver" species - designed to be the ultimate Warrior Race the Vohrsoth's ultimate plan was to mass produce its genetic monstrosities and wipe out all other life-forms in the Galaxy.

Despite the extreme aggression shown by the Vohrsoth the Elite Force did comment that its original creators may not of designed it to be a tool of war, yet these concerns were shrugged off by the Vohrsoth who became obsessed with launching a new "Seed" to create a second Forge and expand its influence.

However when the Vohrsoth failed to annex Voyager it was ultimately exposed and defeated with the aid of the Etherians, a race it had long tormented - with the death of the Vohrsoth Voyager was able to destroy the Forge and free not only herself but many other species that were stranded in the area of space.