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The Corporate Alliance will never allow this to happen!
~ Voe Atell against a Separatist bill for peace.

Voe Atell is a member of the Separatist Parliament and a character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is also revealed that she is a member of the Corporate Alliance

Unlike most of her fellow senators she does not want to make peace with the Republic and wants to continue the war. However after Mina Bonteri's peace proposal she lost the vote.

However after Count Dooku's tampering most of the senators ended up agreeing with her and went back to war. In a later episode she joined a few other Separatist senators on the neutral planet Mandalore to meet with some other Republic senators to make peace talks.

When Lux Bonteri tried to tell everyone the truth she has her droid guards take him away. In the end the peace talks fail.