Voden and Hjalmar

Voden makes warplans with Hjalmar.

Voden is the main villain of Beastmaster Season 2. Voden is a Nord King who, although very young, is highly intelligent but unstable. His main goal is to conquer the world and unite it under his rule. Although he dreams of uniting the world to bring about an age of peace and technological advancement, the steps he takes to reach his goal ultimately clashes with the Beastmaster's duty. This clash in destinies creates the main grounds for their differences throughout Season 2. Voden has bleached hair, pale skin, and wears a lot of white with gold threads to make himself appear even more king-like and heroic. His theme of white-clothes and intelligence is meant to be in opposition to King Zad's theme of black-clothes and brutality.

Master Plan:

  1. To gather allies who can help teach him the weaknesses of his enemies. (Success)
  2. Use King Zad's weaknesses against him and eliminate his army. (Success)
  3. Find and kill his childhood foe, his brother Bahktiar. (Foiled)
  4. Take control of the city of Xinca (known as the center of the world) to make it his base of operations and the center of his empire. (Success)
  5. Convince the Beastmaster to join his crusade and exploit his abilities to make the animals into his soldiers. (Foiled)
  6. Build roads from Xinca throughout the world to unite it and increase trade. (Foiled)
  7. Maintain rulership. (Foiled)
  8. Maintain King-ship and allies. (Foiled).
  9. Control the world. (Success)
  10. Maintain control of the world. (Foiled)

Voden was ultimately exiled to the forests where he was never seen or heard of again due to the alliance of his traiterous general Hjalmar and King Zad.