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Vladimir Zhirinovsky was an ongoing parody of real life Vladimir Zhirinovsky in Russian TV-show ​Cartoon Personalities​. In real life, he is a leader of Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia. But some inhabitants of Russia think that
he is a clown and real idiot, who always shouts. Maybe that's why he was always losing on president elections.

Cartoon Personalities

In this show, Vladimir is represented more as clown and evil old man, who wants that everything should be in his way. In this show, he did a lot of actions, which may have a bad influence on people. There are some suggestions about Zhirinovsky.

  • Never let Zhirinovsky to look for your kids
  • Never buy what he is selling
  • Never follow him

Once, when he said that all adults should care about their kids, and when a female celebrity Tina Kandilaki came to him apartment to give him her child, so Vladimir would give an example of how should adults should look for their kids. For him it was a disaster and everything he was doing with a baby was always wrong until the moment other celebrities were helping him to solve problem. When it was time for eating, Zhirinovsky took a child in restaurant, but Russian journalist Sobchak told him that baby needsthe milk from woman's chest. After hearing that, Zhirinovsky was happy to hear this and took baby to the strip club. On the next day, when Tina returned for her child, baby was acting and speaking as Zhirinovsky (using bad words).

There was another case, when in State Duma, he was meeting with different politicians, he was ordering them to give money, so they would be aloud to go to celebrate New Year's Eve. His happiness was continueing not very long, because when the main veterinary of Russia Onichenko ordered him to return all money back to other politicians, because otherwise, Vladimir would get several pricks in his ass.

Third case was when he was selling different types of snowballs (normal, with stone, with cream, etc.), so people can play with them. One man used it, but he didn't pay because Vladimir has cheated.

In the parody of TV show "What, Where and When", Zhirinovsky was a host of show, and when clever people were winning the points, he was taking them away to himself, so then, all these clever people would lose in the game.


Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a grumpy old man. His age is 67 but he is still have the power to protect himself, so when someone is making him angry, he starts to be aggressive.

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