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Vladimir Menshikov is a antagonist in The Throne of Fire, the second book of The Kane Chronicles. He was a Russian magician who attempted to raise Ra, the Egyptian god of the Sun with one out of three scrolls but this caused damage to his eyes and throat giving him a raspy voice and this incident caused him to turn bitter. He pretended to be in league with another magician Desjardins but was really sapping away his strength and planned to free the chaos serpent Apophis from his prison. Later during a battle in the Duat with Desjardins, and Carter and Sadie Kane, Vladimir became fully possessed by Apophis but was killed when in his dying moments, Desjardins used a hieroglyph fit Turn Back and Apophis broke free from him.


Vladimir has grey hair and eyes that are milky and look like they have been repeatedly clawed by cats. He has a white suit which turns red when Apophis possesses him and wear a silver snake pendant.

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