Vladimir Malevich is a villain of 2015 thriller film Child 44. He is a factory worker who moonlight as child
Child 44 andri
serial killer who murdered children in order to reunited his older brother Leo who is kidnapped by man who raised him as child in the forest which left him haunted . and his mother passed away. Andrei left his town which managed find Leo who is war hero in World War 2, distraught as Leo didn't regoizced him as brother which led him to lured , kidnapped and murdered children include son of Leo's good friend by He uses the same techniques . Leo was here to investigation of the murder only discovered that Stalin's government ignoring murders for political reasons, Leo was traitor of the country and escaped as fugitive with his Rasa who hated him for letting soldiers who raped her before forcing marriage.



  • He was based of Andrei Chikatilo