Vladimir is one of the central antagonists of the horror-based game Waxworks and is one of the numerous "evil twins" who plague the in-game world as part of a complex curse passed down across generations, spanning a period of untold centuries: like all the twins he is power-mad, he uses necromancy as a means of exacting his unholy will on the world of the living and the dead, his native time-period is somewhere around 400 years in the past.

Vladimir summoned an army of zombie slaves and had them recover the bodies of the "good" twins so he could make them suffer via resurrecting them from their graves and binding them inside coffins so they could never experience the peace of true death: ever day he would arrive to taunt them and it is suggested that he may of committed unspeakable acts to the corpses either out of spite or perversion (for example they state that every day he would "play with them and mock them": suggesting more than just torture was involved).

Vladimir grew ever more powerful due to his atrocities, becoming unaffected by time and immune to all non-magical attacks: however by using his uncle's waxwork collection the last "good" twin is able to travel across time to undo the evils of Vladimir and the other evil twins.

With help from the uncle the "good" twin utilizes the tortured souls Vladimir had imprisoned to destroy the evil necromancer via regressing his age until he literally vanishes from existence.