People who fuck with me get fucked with!
~ Vlad ordering Niko to work for him

Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov (1967-2008) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV, appearing as the first and main antagonist in the first half of the storyline. He is also appears as a cameo character in The Lost and Damned.



In 2008, Vlad met Roman's cousin, Niko Bellic, and forced him to work for him in order to pay off Roman's debts. Vlad's work was, taking protection from a Chinese shop worker, and later from Muscovski, a laundromat owner. Vlad also told Niko to steal a Blista Compact from a man that didn't pay Mikhail. Vlad's last mission for Niko was to kill Ivan, who angered Mikhail. Niko can either kill or spare Ivan, the latter option making him appear in a random encounter later on. Niko called Vlad about the mission and Vlad revealed to Niko that he has an affair with Mallorie, making Niko very angry and threatens him that he will break him if he says that to his face.


After Niko learns that Vlad has been having an affair with Mallorie behind Roman's back, Niko confronts Vlad at Comrades Bar. After a brief chase through the neighborhood, Niko shoots Vlad in the left eye under the Algonquin Bridge before tossing his corpse into the Humboldt River, ignoring the fact that his boss, Mikhail Faustin, will certainly track down the man responsible for his murder. Mikhail later admits that Vlad was an idiot, and the only reason he was still been employed in his organization was that Mikhail had sexual intercourse with Vlad's sister. Since Vlad has not been found after being killed, the LCPD database lists him as "missing".

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  • He is about 6'2 and 246 lbs.