Vizka Longtooth

Vizka with his deadly mace-and-chain.

Vizka Longtooth is an anthropomorphic fox and the main villain of the Redwall series book, Eulalia!.

Vizka was a pirate fox, captain of the ship Bluddgullet with his crew of Sea Raider vermin. He had golden fur, long front fangs (hence his name), and wielded a mace-and-chain as his weapon of choice. Vizka was infamous for his deadly smile, which always meant that he was planning to kill someone. He had a younger brother, Codj, who was his First Mate as well. Vizka and his crew raided the farm home of the young badger Gorath, murdering his grandparents, burning the farm to the ground and capturing Gorath. Vizka thought that he could 'tame' Gorath and use him as a living weapon, but the badger refused to succumb. Vizka starved and tortured Gorath, trying to bring him into submission, but to no avail.

When the ship reached the land of Mossflower Woods, Gorath escaped, killing Codj in the process. Vizka then gave up trying to tame the badger, and instead tried to kill him. Eventually both Gorath and Vizka came upon Redwall Abbey, and the fox decided to conquer it. His plans failed however, when he was chased away by another vermin horde, the barbaric Brownrats, who were also attacking the Abbey.

Vizka eventually obtained the famous sword of Martin the Warrior, the prized weapon of Redwall warriors, and this gave him new confidence. He later joined forces with the leaderless Brownrats and trapped Gorath and several other warriors upon a plateau. When more reinforcements joined the defenders, Vizka fled back to his ship with a few of his crew member, but they deserted him after he callously murdered two of them. Vizka and Gorath eventually faced down and dueled upon the Bluddgullet, which ended with each disarming the other and Gorath bodily grabbing his archenemy and snapping his spine.