Viviane the Moon Witch is a recurring villain in the comics Monica's Gang. She is a witch who brags about her beauty and constantly haunt the lives of children in the Limoeiro Neighborhood, but is always defeated by Maggy which is considered his greatest enemy.


Viviane is a witch who aims to rule the world by manipulating people's minds. It is obsessed by the moon which is the source of his powers being that she is only able to cast spells with the light of the full moon. Like many villains Monica's Gang she also has an incompetent henchman who is your talking cat Bóris.

In all the stories she appears he always has his plans defeated by Monica and her friends, and is usually the most Maggy who spoils his plans. In the spin-off Monica Teen she returns with a new look, and has a daughter named Ramona. She comes to haunt the lives of Marina in her birthday.