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Vivian Thompson is a serial killer and the main antagonist in the 1999 psychological thriller film In Dreams.

He is portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., who also portrays Special Agent John Royce and Dr. Kozak.


Vivian was raised by his abusive mother, who forced him to dress up as a girl. As a child, he developed psychic abilities, including the power to invade people's minds and torture them with hallucinations.

After committing his first murder, he was put in a mental institution, but he escaped by dressing up as a nurse and seducing (and killing) a passing truck driver. He stole the truck and drove back to his childhood home, which by then had been submerged in a flood and become an underground pit. There, he began kidnapping, raping and murdering little girls.

Vivian was a cross-dresser, often wearing his mother's clothing and a long wig. He spoke in a childish voice, and often likened the murders he committed to "a game" he liked to play with his victims.

One of his victims was Rebecca Cooper, whose mother Claire began having disturbing visions/dreams about her daughter's death and those of Vivian's other victims. She was declared insane and put in the same mental institution that She eventually tracked down Vivian, who says that he wants them to be "friends forever". Eventually, however, Claire angered Vivian by calling the police, and he tried to kill her. After pursuing her through the catacombs of his underground lair, Vivian shot and killed her. He was arrested shortly afterward.

Vivian was found guilty of several murders and sentenced life in prison. There, Claire's spirit began tormenting him with the same horrific visions he had subjected her to.