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Vivian Berger is the main antagonist in Au Pair. Vivian is a gold digger who is interested in marrying Oliver Caldwell because he is rich and wealthy. She would have do whatever it takes to marrying him and his money. Vivian is a socialite and a snob, who is mean, evil and do whatever it takes to climb social ladder. Vivian is planning on sending Oliver's children Katie and Alex into boarding school in Switzerland after she marries Oliver. Mostly Oliver is unaware that Vivian is evil. Vivian's competition is Jennifer "Jenny" Morgan and thinks of her is her competition. Even though Jenny is not even competing against her, she is the Au Pair or otherwise the nanny, who had an MBA from UCLA and tried to apply for an executive position in Oliver's company. The only she got that job, to prove herself to Oliver if she takes care of his children. Jenny and his children got off the wrong foot, but they become good friends and they wish Oliver married Jenny in the first place. Oliver started to fall in love with Jenny too. Vivian did get Jenny fired, by running a smear campaign. Oliver and Vivian were about to get married until, Jenny and Oliver's kids set a trap for her and let Oliver see Vivian's true colors. Oliver called off the wedding and dumped Vivian. Vivian left in shame and defeated by Oliver's kids. Jenny got the executive position and a apology from Oliver. Oliver decide to spend more time with his kids and put them first. Jenny and Oliver did get married in the sequel of Au Pair.

Notes Edit

Vivian Berger is similar to Meredith Blake on the Parent Trap, Millionara Vanderbucks from Ducktales and Clarice Kensington from it takes two by the same actress who plays Vivian Berger Jane Sibbett.