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Look, I can go backwards.
~ Vivian's only few words before the beginning of the infection.

Vivian is a minor antagonist in the 2004 remake of the infamous Dawn of the Dead. She is a very minor antagonist, yet, given that she starts off the whole zombie outbreak, she is a very driving force in the plot.

She is portrayed by Hannah Lochner.


Vivian is first seen in the opening when she is skating. She comes up to Ana's car and she talks about skating with her and shows off her new skating abilities. After telling Vivian they can do more skating tomorrow, Ana parks her car and go inside her house.

Later the next morning, when Ana and her husband Luis are sleeping together, the door eerily creaks open and reveals a shadowed Vivian, who slowly enters the room. To begin with, she moves like a classic zombie, very slowly and disorientated, but this is revealed to mask a malevolent intelligence. Even though Vivian is now a zombie - seen from her torn open lips - she still can deceive people, and she does this by pretending she is injured. Luis demands an ambulance for Vivian but then Vivian bites him on his neck in an unexpected moment. She is thrown out to the hall by Ana. The sound of the lamp shattering wakes Vivian, who springs to her feet like a cat and speeds down the hall, trying to kill Ana, but then Ana slams the door shut on her. Luis then gradually dies due to blood loss, when Ana tries to call an ambulance. Luis later reanimates and attacks Ana, who escapes with her car while being chased by the zombified Luis.


From what was seen of Vivian, it seems she was obsessed with Ana and wanting to be like her. She seemed a nice enough person when alive and was very obsessed with sport and athletics, which is ironic because, when she became a zombie, she was very powerful and fast. It seems Ana was her only main friend in the neighbourhood as she seemed delighted to see her.

When Vivian became infected and became a zombie, all this changed and she displayed no traits of her former athletic self. She was now a relentless killing machine, bent on destruction. She took pleasure from other people's suffering when she was a zombie because she smiled before biting Lois and she seemed eager to attack Ana, despite that she had just killed Lois moments before. Vivian was also much stronger than she had been and was about to smash down Ana's door when she became a zombie with just her bare hands and she would have gotten away with it, too, had not Ana come to her senses in time.

Vivian's attack has been labelled one of the scariest moments in recent horror films, and is listed amongst the scariest opening scenes in a horror film, because of how suddenly she changed from an ordinary, innocent, sweet girl to a ruthless killing machine. The whole scene has an aura of menace about it and the transition from pretending she is injured to ripping open Lois' throat is immensely disturbing.

When she was alive, Vivian wore athletic gear such as a pink halterneck, elbow pads and a black helmet, and jeans, and she was overall very healthy. When she was a zombie, however, she wore a pink nightgown and looked very sick, with chalk white skin, black-rimmed eyes, and bloody, torn open lips. She sought only to spread the virus and cared about nothing. Such was her cruelty as a zombie she immediately went after her friends and people who had previously made her life shine.

Despite presumably Vivian being a good friend of hers, Ana barely mourned for her afterwards, instead focusing her attention on Louis - possibly because Vivian's transformation had occurred much too quickly for Ana to have any real impact, and having too many people turning into zombies round her made her focus on her husband rather than anybody else.