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I kill every one of you!
~ Vitali threatening Kenny and the group

Vitali is an antagonist in The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 5 No Going Back and is part of the Russian group alongside Arvo, Natasha and Buricko.

After Arvo told Vitali and the others that the group robbed him, Vitali and the others planned to get their revenge. He also made a camp in an unfinished house near a lake which is frozen over time.

While Arvo was distracting Clementine's group, Vitali and the other group members managed to sneak up on the group and held them at gunpoint. After the zombified Rebecca is killed, everyone begins firing their weapons. Vitali is seen aiming his Shotgun at Mike in particular.

After the firefight starts, Vitali takes cover behind a rock while shooting his AK-47 at Kenny. He fires at Luke and managed to hit his leg, wounding him. When Kenny holds Arvo hostage and threatens he'll kill him if Vitali didn't give himself up, Clementine then kills a zombified Natasha, which makes Vitali continue to fire and state that Arvo is already dead since Natasha is now dead. Kenny dives to the ground as Vitali fires at him. Vitali then leaves his cover to try and kill Kenny but was stabbed in the neck by Jane with a knife, causing him to choke on his own blood, Kenny then arrives to finish off Vitali, shooting him in the head.


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