Visionary Messenger Voffa is the secondary antagonist of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. He is the one who creates the Giganoids from music he composes on his piano. He likes referring to himself as a Maestro of Destiny and doesn't like people hearing his compositions until they've been completed.


He and Creative Messenger Mikela were originally the same amoeba until they evolved apart.

Voffa was angered when Abare Killer took leadership of the Evolians. When Mikela's plan identifies Mikoto as Dezumozorlya's other half, Voffa creates Giganoid 11: Immortal to absorb Mikoto to awaken Dezumozorlya's other half. He uses Mikoto's Blastasaurs, TopGaler and Stegosraidon, abandoning him to trick Mikoto by saying that his new Giganoid had the data to counter every present Blastasaur combination.

While his plan is foiled by the Abarangers, it succeeds in awakening the Dezumozorlya fragment within Lijewel. He and Mikela were later merged into DezumoVoorla to serve as a temporary host for Dezumozorlya. They then attempted to capture Bakurenoh as a body for Dezumozorlya.