Visimajoris is a demonic entity from Marvel comics and an enemy of Doctor Strange.


Nothing has been revealed about Visimajoris' past.

It somehow became allied with the Creators, a group of sorcerers who sought to replace the stars, and transform the stars into humans.

When Dr. Strange probed the portal to Creation II, the base of the Creators, it suddenly flew open and he was assaulted by Visimajoris.

It was hoping that Strange would tire of his futile efforts to enter Creation II, but when he continued, Visimajoris was forced to rouse itself from its slumbers and subdue him.

Visimaoris blasted Strange, splitting his soul in half, then fourths, and again, and again until there were 1,024 glassy-eyed and confused Dr. Stranges standing before it.

Visimajoris took advantage of Strange's weakness and confusion, and prepared to destroy him with another blast.

However, Apalla, one of the stars that had taken human form suddenly appeared to assist Strange, and she blasted Visimajoris.

They left him in a burning heap.

Powers and Abilities


  • it bares similarities to Helleyes, suggesting they may be of the same species or dimension.