Fudou was the Virgo Saint in the XXI Century.

History as a villain

Fudou was unlike Shaka (disciple of Buda and his reincarnation) is a disciple and reincarnation of Acala. God decides to pry to the worldsalvation and trips around the world to bring peace to the peoples. But, when he perceives that not a way to save these people's, Fudou choose server Mars and uses him to create a good new world.

He became the Virgo saint and protects the Virgo temple. When Kouga, Souma, Yuna, Ryuho and Haruto arrives there, Fudou defeat them without getting up. Eden arrives and choose to cross the New 12 Temples in normal mode (defeating the gold saints), although he is a Mars son and can cross when he wishes.

Fudou decides fight with Eden, and Eden's power forces Fudou get up, and where he cloth. So, Fudou attacks Eden and hurt him many times. The 3 incarnation of Fudou judges Eden and attack him. Edengets up and also want a pure world, like Aria wished. So, Fudou allow Eden cross the Virgo Temple, to see who will create a world he wishes: Eden or Mars.

Fudou swear loyalty to Athena when she returns to the office of Sekai Godness, seeking in her, a good world. But, like Harbinger, Fudou don't adoring Athena like the other gold saints of XX century; he is only a hero in doubt and follows Athena to a new and pure world.


Fudou can use his sword to attack his enemies, and have the power to burn anything. He has three lives: in the first, he fights normally and was the life that Kouga and the other saints found in the Virgo Temple when arrives there; he domains the fire element. The second, punishes the sinners. The third, is the matter of the light (matter [don't wave] of light) and uses light attacks to punish the sinners like a god. The enemy need destroys the 3 Fudou's personalities to destroy him (but, only to destroy him, because existother ways to arrest him, like the time control).