Virgil is the leader of a band called "The Destroyers" in the 2005 video game The Warriors, based on the 1979 movie by Walter Hill.

Virgil is the main antagonist for the first half of the game and is the most active antagonist in rebel against The Warriors for the majority of the game.

He was responsible for the death of Ash, The Warriors new blood and Vermin's best friend, resulting in a gang war. He is killed by Cleon and Vermin, burning to death. After Virgil's death, Luther (leader of The Rogues) is the main antagonist for the rest of the game.


Virgil is a megalomaniac and arrogant generally. He thinks far too highly of himself, and he is proven to be incredibly paranoid, as proven when he betrayed Cleon, his Destroyer warchief, just because his instinct told him what to do.


A year after Virgil sets up Cleon and Vermin, Virgil orders his Destroyers to raid The Warriors' territory and spraypaint their hangout with a Destroyers logo. The Warriors get revenge, bombing his hangout with their spraypaint and leaving a Warriors burner on their turf.

Virgil reappears, later on, taking things way too far when he raids the West Coney stores and murders Ash, the Warriors new blood, by beating him to death. Cleon decides that things get taken too far, and he sets off a gang war against the Destroyers.

After becoming increasingly agitated at the fact his Destroyers are being snuffed out by The Warriors army, he heads to the shack for supplies. Cleon and Vermin track him down by following the junkie LC. After wrecking LC, they head into the shack for a final confrontation against Virgil. After a long-winded and difficult battle, the two of them finally kill him, setting him aflame with a Molotov cocktail. Virgil's death ultimately caused the downfall of the entire Destroyers gang.