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Vira is an female Acara who wants to be beautiful, but her wish goes awry that made her horrible. She's appeared on Neopets as a Main Villain.

Vira was a pretty and vain Acara, spending her days playing in the flowers, making daisy chains to braid into her long hair. One day, she wished to be the most beautiful Acara in the whole of the world, but the wrong ears heard her wish. "You are pretty," the shadowy voice said. "Only I can make you beautiful..."

Ever since, Vira has wandered those same fields, kissing the flowers, but making them poisonous to the touch. The magic mirrors she gives away do not show reality, but a twisted, ugly version of it. Anyone who looks into her mirrors at first finds themselves very beautiful, but that beauty fades into ugliness, and the mirror whispers with a dark voice, "There's only one way to get your beauty back..."