Viper Momi (also known by her human name Momi Tosakuni and Kurenai in the Japanese version) is a character in the Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog) franchise. She is a human girl who has inherited powers of the Viper Clan.


Human form (Momi Tosakuni)

In her human form, Momi has fair skin, waist-long black hair, and stated that she was blind. She also wears a dark jacket with sleeves tucked in, a white skirt, striped tights and boots. She is also shown wearing a scarf and some gloves on.

Final form (Viper Momi/Kurenai)

In her transformation and final form, she gains a new look. She still obtains her fair skin, but she has long silver hair that turns into shades of blue and purple tied into two pigtails held by orange-pink bands. She has amber eyes and the Viper symbol in purple on her head. She wears an orange-pink dress with lace at the end tied in the middle by a small pink snake-like ribbon, a sleeveless lavender vest with a scale like pattern running down the middle, long white stockings, yellow leg warmers and white slip ons. She is accompanied by 3 large white snakes with small V's on their heads and can move. She has two on each of her hands and one wrapped around her neck. As a human, she no longer retains her blindness.


Despite Momi wanting to be a villain, she is actually a kindhearted, innocent girl, and she never wants to harm the innocent. For example, Momi threatened once to drown Fuyuki Hinata at swimming pool if Keroro doesn't surrender, but tried to save Fuyuki later after discovering that he can't swim. She also gives the Keroro Platoon her chocolates, which are too sweet, during Valentine's Day. She also becomes cowardly when she sees the Keroro Platoon overpowering her. She often spends her days playing at the park with the local children who adore her.

Despite this, Momi tries to act threatening and tough, though this usually fails.


The Keroro Platoon have defeated Viper once again. Viper states that he is tired of his defeats and that he is getting old.

When he finds out that his gun is missing, Momi picks it up for him, Viper is surprised and asked why she wasn't amazed to see him. Momi reveals that she is blind after an accident that happened a long time ago. Feeling sympathetic, Viper gives her the "Revival Fruit" as a thank you for picking up his gun and leaves Pekopon (Pokopen in the manga series).

Later on, when Keroro wants to meet Viper again, Momi goes instead to tell him Viper's words: "Viper wants to compete with him, but his old age stops him from doing so. Farewell Keronian". Momi's blindness is cured as she opens her eyes and begins her rivalry with Keroro with her new name, "Viper Momi", as she transforms into a Viper Humanoid. The entire Keroro Platoon is defeated by her, except Kururu and Dororo. Then Momi confesses that she just don't want to disappoint Viper's request. The Keroro Platoon leave and Keroro says he will beat her someday, but thanks Viper for letting him see new interesting things. Keroro also comments that Momi is better than Viper.


  • Momi somewhat resembles Dokuku, only that her pigtails are blue and not orange.
  • It is unknown if Momi has parents or where they are.


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