Violet is an antagonist appearing in MTV's Teen Wolf. She is one of the many assassins hired by the Benefactor to kill all of the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.


Violet is a high school freshman. She and her partner Garrett  are known as "The Orphans." She first appears when she and Garrett are at one of Lydia's parties and a man delivers a beer to the party. As the man is leaving, it is revealed that he is actually a werewolf. Violet decapitates him using a thermal-cut wire that she wore as a necklace. She and Garrett then pursue and kill a werewolf name Carrie. She laters appears as she tries to kill a werewolf named Brett but is stopped by Scott McCall. She attacks Scott but ends up getting knocked out. After the Sheriff Stilinski arrest her, McCall and Sheriff then transfer her to federal lockup, but Kate attacks their vehicle first. She kidnaps Violet and subsequently kills her when she doesn't reveal anything about the Benefactor.