Violent Ken is a midboss from SNK Vs. Capcom: CHAOS. Along with Crazy Iori, he is fought before the regular bosses, Shin Akuma and Serious Mr. Karate.

Violent Ken is an alternate evil form of Ken Masters, which mistakenly absorbed the Orochi power and thus became uncontrollable due to the Riot of Blood. He has red-glowing eyes, white hair and a more aggressive fighting stance. Reflecting his mid-boss status, he is very strong and fast, possessing the same moves as the regular Ken with the addition of a teleport-dash which allows him to dodge incoming attacks and move fast across the arena.


  • Violent Ken was inspired by the Sennou Ken (Brainwashed Ken) from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, where Ken is brainwashed by M. Bison.
  • The official artwork for the game shows Violent Ken sporting an afro, which is never seen on his in-game sprites and portraits.