Viola Fields is the main antagonist of the romantic comedy movie Monster-In-Law.

She is portrayed by Jane Fonda.

She is the doting and overprotective mother of Kevin Fields and, fearing losing her son, tries to sabotage his engagement.  At his wedding, she wears white and even tries to poison his fiance Charlie by putting nuts in her rehersal meal.  However, at the wedding, Viola's own mother-in-law Gertrude appears and reminds her just how frustrating a mother-in-law can be. This inspires her to make amends with her Kevin and Charlie and the wedding continues as planned. Gertrude takes if only her son Fiona asks Charlie if she has anything useful to say and Charlie passes the tray in front of their faces. Viola tells Ruby to try calling Kevin one more time. She then mentions that the last time the network bigwigs all gathered to talk to her, she got her own show and an Emmy. Fiona makes some nasty comment and Charlie runs off towards the kitchen to die of embarassment.