Vinod is main villain of 2003 Indian film Kahdal Koinden is a orphan with troubled past was sent to college when he fall in
love with his classmate.


After losing his parents at young age, Vinod was sent by his greedy aunt for child labor when he met a young girl who become his first love and children who become his friends. the boys were beat and girls were raped by their boss and bosses tricked the autiours for thinking for school. Vinod was beaten by workers and his girlfriend were raped and murdered which caused him for revenge so for other children. Vinod lead revolt against their bosses and killed them for good. after Vinod was discovered by preist who take care of him for rest days


After spent years at oprhange, Vinod was sent to collage by preist for study but Vinod was against it and forced to collage that why he met a girl named Diyva who was daughter of police officer is popular and kind-hearted student