Fat Bastard

Vinnie Ricorso is a minor antagonist of the 1989 film Batman. He is a crime lord who is a close friend of Carl Grissom.


When Grissom's right-hand man Jack Napier (now going by the name as Joker) gathered all of Carl Grissom's rivals together for a meeting, Vinnie Ricorso was considered to be someone who wants to think for himself and question the Joker's decisions. Always the first to become suspicious, Ricorso demanded to know why Grissom wasn't around which caused Rotelli to question the Joker. Joker murdered Rotelli with a joy buzzer and ordered his personal army to make all the crime lords leave.

Later, Ricorso went to Gotham City Hall to file an affidavit so he can take all of Grissom's businesses. To answer the media's questions, Ricorso explained that Grissom asked him, as a personal favor, to take over his business operations until he returned. Ricorso's lawyer confirmed this by explaining that Grissom's signature was perfectly legitimate. The Joker and his mines then arrived and caused a massive shootout to occur after Joker pulled out a ridiculously large quill pen and stabbed Ricorso in the throat, killing him.


  • He was killed on the anniversary of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder.


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