Get out of the way! Why don't you look where you going, shrimp!
~ Vinnie bumping Thomas out of the way at Brendam Docks.
YEAH?! Well, you better watch where you're goin', Shortie, or you might end up being RECYCLED !
~ Vinnie threaten to Philip to watch his way
Vinnie is the main antagonist in Thomas & Friends: The Great Race. He is a North American steam locomotive competing in the Strongest Engine competition at the Great Railway Show.


Along with the other international locomotives, Vinnie accidentally came to Sodor when the ferry they were on stopped at Brendam. He and the other locomotives, except Ashima of India, promptly got back on the ferry, but not before he had the chance to bump Thomas the Tank Engine out of his way and call him a "shrimp".

At the Great Railway Show, Vinnie participated in the Strongest Engine competition. It is most likely he won since he was in the lead the entire time, but this was not confirmed. On his way to the track where his competition was to take place, his way was blocked by a small, boxy diesel named Philip. Vinnie insulted Philip and rudely told him to watch where he was going. Later, Philip got in Vinnie's way another time. Vinnie, annoyed at Philip, chased him briefly before getting covered in coal from a hopper that was being used by Carlos of Mexico. Infuriated, Vinnie chased Philip through the yard, eventually ending up in the middle of the Shunting Challenge. Vinnie derailed two of the flatbeds used by Gina of Italy, which were blocking his way, before cornering Philip near a turntable and trying to force the little shunter into the turntable well. Thomas and Ashima then managed to couple up to the big tender engine and pull him away, allowing Philip to escape. Vinnie resisted, which caused Thomas's coupling to snap. This launched Vinnie into a set of points that were set against him, derailing him and sending him crashing into an electricity pylon, which then fell on top of him. Vinnie was left trapped under the pylon, calling for help.

Afterwards, his fate was remaining there for the rest of the day, until he was rescued that evening, after which he returned home to North America.

Meet the Contenders! - Vinnie - The Great Race - HD01:17

Meet the Contenders! - Vinnie - The Great Race - HD




  • Vinnie's defeat resembles that of Soto from Ice Age.
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