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Vincenzo Pelosi, better known as Uncle Vince, was a 53-year old Ancelotti enforcer who often worked with his nephew Rocco Pelosi, and a secondary character and antagonist in GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony.

During The Ballad of Gay Tony

He is first introduced in I Luv LC, where he and Rocco snatch money from Tony in order to pay for his debt. Later he and Rocco told Luis to kill Tony, but when Luis was about to and he apologized to Tony, Luis reconsiders his decision, and instead kills Vince to threaten Rocco. Rocco was spared because he was a made man, and hitmen would go after Luis if he killed Rocco. It is stated by Tony Prince that Vince and his nephew Rocco are related to Gracie Ancelotti (possibly on her mother's side).


  • Vince and his voice actor, John Tormey, have a very strong resemblance to each other.
  • It is likely his last name is Pelosi, as he is Rocco Pelosi's uncle.
  • Vince may be a subtle throwback to Grand Theft Auto III character Ray Machowski, bearing a slight physical similarity, as well as sharing the same meeting place.