Vince's Devils are a villainous women's wrestling trio that co-existed in WWE from August 2005 until July 2006. The trio was led by Torrie Wilson, and consisted of Candice Michelle and Victoria.


On August 22, 2005, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle announced that they were traded to Raw and they later invited Ashley Massaro into the ring so they could congratulate her on winning the Diva Search. However, Torrie and Candice later attacked Ashley and laughed at her, and as a result, both women turned heel. A week later, Torrie and Candice baited Ashley into competing against the evil Victoria, and celebrated after Victoria soundly defeated Ashley. In the process, Victoria's alliance with Torrie and Candice was established, and Vince's Devils was officially formed.

On September 5, the villainous Torrie defeated Ashley after Candice and Victoria interfered. A week later, however, Trish Stratus returned and assisted Ashley in her feud with the trio. This led to a tag team bout at Unforgiven, where Torrie and Victoria lost to Trish and Ashley. Since then, the feud would later involve Mickie James, and continued on until January 2006.

Tension began developing between Candice and Torrie, after it was announced on February that Candice would be on the cover of Playboy; a feat Torrie achieved twice. On February 27, Candice received her first opportunity at the Women's Championship, but she was defeated by Trish Stratus. After her loss, Candice took it out on Torrie and slapped her. On the following week, the evil Candice unveiled her Playboy cover and later demanded that Torrie admit that Candice's cover is better than either of Torrie's. When Torrie refused, Candice and Victoria attacked her, ousting Torrie from the group. At WrestleMania 22, Torrie defeated Candice in a Playboy Pillow Fight.

Even after WM22, Candice and Victoria continued their alliance, while the former continued her feud with Torrie. Candice again lost to Torrie in a "Wet and Wild Match" on June 12. On July 11, Candice appeared on ECW as Kelly Kelly's dance partner on Kelly's Expose. Candice portrayed a heel seductress and flirted with Kelly in a backstage segment. Six days later, Candice turned face while serving as the referee in a tag team match pitting Trish and Torrie against Victoria and Mickie James. Candice prevented Mickie from entering illegally, and ducked Victoria's attempt to attack her. As a result of Candice's face turn, Vince's Devils officially disbanded.