~ Vilmer Slaughter
He's dead now!
~ Vilmer after breaking boy's neck

Vilmer Slaughter is the main antagonist of the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. He is the brother of W.E. Slaughter and Leatherface and the lover of Darla.

He was portrayed by Matthew McConaughey.


Vilmer is first mentioned in the film when Darla calls him to the crash site between Jenny, Barry, Heather and a boy.

Vilmer examinates the uncounsious boy and kills him. Sean later appears running away from Vilmer but he ends being killed by Vilmer with his truck. While Heather and Barry are at family house, Vilmer encounters Jenny on the road and picks her up, Vilmer then shows the body of the boy and Sean in his back of the truck. Jenny runs away from the truck but is chased by Vilmer.

After Jenny is brought at house by Darla, Vilmer shows up and constantly abuses Darla and scares Jenny and Heather. When the family is held at gunpoint by Jenny, he isn't scared and retrieves the gun from her, he then begins to strangle Darla, giving a chance to Jenny escape but Vilmer captures her again and knocks her out.

Jenny makes Vilmer go insane and killing W.E with a hammer. When the the Illuminati he is teased by them. After they leave... Vilmer kills Heather and starts self-harmering. While Vilmer grabs Jenny to make Leatherface kill her, she takes Vilmer's remote control and makes him let her go. Jenny is then chased by Leatherface but she gets in a RV and escapes, later Vilmer appears on his truck, preparing for a final showdown. After the RV crashes, Jenny is chased by both Vilmer and Leatherface, however, an airplane appears in the sky descend height and hits Vilmer in the head with the propeller, killing him.


  • He has a mechanical device in his right leg for unknown reasons.
  • He is the most insane member of the family.