Nominations for articles to be featured on the front page.


  • Nominations must be at the very least 350 words long.
  • An article is featured every month, or at the admins' discretion.
  • Whichever article has the most votes at the end of the month is featured for a month.
    • Each downvote counts as a point down for the nominee.
    • In case of a tie, the one with fewer downvotes wins.
  • Admin votes carry the same weight as regular users' votes.
  • All nominations and votes must be signed with four tildes (~~~~). Unsigned nominations and votes will be nullified.
  • Nominations and votes CANNOT BE CHANGED. Each user can only vote ONCE, for and against.
  • An article cannot be nominated twice in a row (if an article was nominated in the previous voting, it cannot be nominated again in the current one).
  • Only five nominations max for every monthly voting are allowed. Any nomination surpassing this limit will be automatically disqualified.
  • CHEATING WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED. Any user who starts downvoting candidates just to rig the results or go asking other users to vote on his candidate will receive a warning and, in case of reincidence, a one month ban. No exceptions.


  • Be original and creative with the nominations.
  • Don't vote against a villain if you haven't read the article about it yet.
  • Don't vote against a villain just because you know nothing about him/her/it.
  • Don't say anything that may be offensive to another.
  • If you're going to vote against, present an actual argument for your reasoning. "He's boring" or "I don't like him" aren't arguments.

The correct nomination format is as follows:


  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against

Copy and paste the above table below the line:

Slender Man

For: 2
Against: 8
  • Come on guys! We never had a creepypasta villain headlined before! Plus the movie came out this would be a perfect headlined villain for Halloween! Slendy use to be very popular, it lost its population in the recent years, I think Slender deserves definitely to get headlined. 
  • Slender Man could make a cool pick. We don't have a Creepypasta Villian headlined yet, and although it sucked, he's relevant due to his movie being released last month. I did consider nominating him but decided not to due to creepypasta's fairly bad rap.
  • An uninteresting character, a complete cliche, no personality, development or story whatsoever and the movie sucked as well.
  • Slender Man is a dead meme. Had it been back in like say 2009, I'd have no problem with him. He's not really relevant anymore.
  • Yeah, no. The only "relevant" thing to have come out for the Slender Man as of recent times is that movie, which was a critical disaster (hell, Sony itself is about 7 years late to the party). He's had enough attention throughout the years already. A really uninteresting and bland choice for nomination overall.
  • Hell no. We never had a Creepypasta villain headlined, and I hope we never do. CP is nothing more than ascended fanon, and as mentioned before Slenderman is a dead fad.
  • If it was 2009-2014ish, sure, I would be down with it. But at this point, Slenderman's nothing more than an overrated meme and it's sad that his movie didn't do his character any more justice (7% on RT, like Jesus). If you really wanted a Creepypasta villain, should have went for someone more obscure like Red from Godzilla.
  • Damn, FIVE people down-voted him already? I made the right choice not nominating him! Sorry the backlash is heavy, DarkUnknownWarrior.
  • Slender Man is what most people have already said. He is a dead meme, irrelevant, 7 years later. Doesn't help that the new film is terrible.
  • Since I can't remove my candidate, I'll just write this down: I honestly did not watch the film, I was waiting for it to come out, thinking it will be a sick horror film! Sadly I just went on the IMBd stats, finding over 1000 people saying that the movie is a 1 star... I seriously like this character, but yeah I agree he kinda lost his best period with this movie... This could have been headlined last year. Oh well. People make mistakes, lets continue working on this wiki!
  • Eh, I think it would be better instead if you do a different Creepypasta character; namely, a Five Nights at Freddy’s character, like Golden Freddy, Springtrap, or Freddy himself. Still won’t downvote anyone, including Slender here.
  • enough with the "he's a dead meme" drivel, nothing dies if done right - the problem is Slender is never done right.. they *could* make him interesting but he's too exposed : just like Minecraft, FNAF and so on.. I'm also going to say it : Slender Man and creepypasta in general are far too into this "keep the fictional work as if it were real" at the cost of common-sense.. suspension of disbelieve is fine but there's far too many youths who outright believe creepypastas are real mythology or even fact and the community feeds that rather than discourages it.. no other media does that, very irresponsible and it shows that creepypasta as a whole is very much not ready for public eye.
  • while the hatred for Slender Man is undue and almost a "trend" at this point (just like everyone hating Superman etc because it is the popular opinion of the time) I will also say "no", namely because Slender Man has yet to find a proper medium / talented enough writer to play him right.. he's been reduced to a jump-scare meme and spooky guy in forest rather than the Lovecraftian theme he was original meant to be (..if someone, anyone, could bother and make a proper Slender story / movie / game along the same manner as Call of Cthulhu or something then his reputation would vastly improve).

Freddy Krueger (Original)

For: 7
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • A absolutely legendary icon of Horror! It's incredibly shocking we don't have this dream demon as a VFH yet!
  • If i didn't suggest Slender, i'd definetly vote for this article to be headlined. The legendary Freddy just has to be up there.
  • Jason Vorhees would be great to, but why not.

Dollface (Twisted Metal: Black)

For: 1
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Personally I thought a sympathetic character that isn't well known might work better for highlight vs characters everyone has heard of. She's a tragic character who has an understandable motive vs simply a killer in it for money or power from a fantastic game.

Blood Stalk

For: 5
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • What's spookier than a demonic being who possesses people and can create and control black holes? Though I'd be happy with any of the other candidates (with the exception of Slenderman) winning VFH, they're all great villains too.
  • Probably he is one of the best villains in of Neo-Heisei Kamen Riders. Stalk's true identity, his agenda and characteristic features is the reason I started to follow Kamen Rider Build, as its mystery atmosphere makes the story interesting with Stalk being the mastermind of entire plot. Personally speaking, I quite enjoy his personality as a deadly, entertaining and threatening villain with some black humor streak.
  • Stalk, aka Evolt, stands out as one of the best villains in the Heisei Phase 2 of the Kamen Rider series, surpassing Gold Drive and Cronus. He even surpassed Takeshi Asakura of Kamen Rider Ryuki when it comes to a number of body counts. The fact Kamen Rider Evol shares the same cobra motif as Kamen Rider Ouja doesn't help matters either.


For: 1
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against