Nominations for articles to be featured on the front page.


  • Nominations must be at the very least 350 words long.
  • An article is featured every month, or at the admins' discretion.
  • Whichever article has the most votes at the end of the month is featured for a month.
    • Each downvote counts as a point down for the nominee.
    • In case of a tie, the one with fewer downvotes wins.
  • Admin votes carry the same weight as regular users' votes.
  • All nominations and votes must be signed with four tildes (~~~~). Unsigned nominations and votes will be nullified.
  • Nominations and votes CANNOT BE CHANGED. Each user can only vote ONCE, for and against.
  • An article cannot be nominated twice in a row (if an article was nominated in the previous voting, it cannot be nominated again in the current one).
  • Users cannot nominate articles two months in a row.
  • Only six nominations max for every monthly voting are allowed. Any nomination surpassing this limit will be automatically disqualified.
  • CHEATING WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED. Any user who starts downvoting candidates just to rig the results or go asking other users to vote on his candidate will receive a warning and, in case of reincidence, a one month ban. No exceptions.


  • Be original and creative with the nominations.
  • Don't vote against a villain if you haven't read the article about it yet.
  • Don't vote against a villain just because you know nothing about him/her/it.
  • Don't say anything that may be offensive to another.
  • If you're going to vote against, present an actual argument for your reasoning. "He's boring" or "I don't like him" aren't arguments.

The correct nomination format is as follows:


  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against

Copy and paste the above table below the line:


For: 4
Against: 3
  • For Valentines Day, why don't we have a pretty popular character from a popular game that fits the theme of Valentines Day by having the hots for the main protaginist?
  • Also, say it with me one more time: Just Monika.
  • Monika is a deeply overrated character, and the visual novel in itself has had countless internet memes. The visual novel is simply way too easy to consider with Monika herself not being interesting, especially when the twist is now completely known.
  • Even if it was still 2017 where Doki Doki Literature club was relevant, I still would be against this. Monika's just some girl that shares some typical yandere traits, who can hack the game and that's it really. Only reason why she's very liked is because of the memes surrounding her and her cutesy design.
  • I agree with what's been said above. Also, Monika is already the most popular villain in the history of ever, she is the last villain who needs a headline.


For: 2
Against: 1
  • A hybrid dinosaur and the main antagonist for Power Rangers Dino Thunder.
  • A irrelevant character with no clear reasoning why he was proposed? Sounds like a down-voted proposal from me for sure.
  • He's also (as a human) has a son who is the white dino ranger.

King Paimon

For: 1
Against: 1
  • King Paimon was one of the most terrifying and prolific villains of 2018 - all the more impressive, due to him being obscured for the majority of the film. He is arguably one of the more distinct horror villains of all time, due to his confused and out-of-place nature, as well as brutal effectiveness in his intertwined journey of possessing and destroying the Graham family.
  • While not only coming from a terrible movie (but that's besides the point), he barely gets any screen time, ultimately amounts to doing nothing, and is all-around an uninteresting character.

Ava Lord

For: 5
Against: 0
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Lets give Ava Lord some love. She's such a femme fatale. A very unique and beautiful character which deserves much more attention.

Shocker (Kamen Rider)

Against: 1
  • Kamen Rider is celebrating its 20th Anniversary for its Heisei era shows this year, so why not give the original Kamen Rider villains some love?
  • Plus, #OrganizationForHeadline.
  • I really dislike the idea of this character being brought forth every 2 months from now on.

Poison Ivy

For: 9
Against: 0
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Poison Ivy is related to the manipulation by means of emotions, so it is expected for February.
  • February femme fatale! Except you shouldn't give her a Valentine's Day rose...