Nominations for articles to be featured on the front page.


  • Nominations must be at the very least 350 words long.
  • An article is featured every month, or at the admins' discretion.
  • Whichever article has the most votes at the end of the month is featured for a month.
    • Each downvote counts as a point down for the nominee.
    • In case of a tie, the one with fewer downvotes wins.
  • Admin votes carry the same weight as regular users' votes.
  • All nominations and votes must be signed with four tildes (~~~~). Unsigned nominations and votes will be nullified.
  • Nominations and votes CANNOT BE CHANGED. Each user can only vote ONCE, for and against.
  • An article cannot be nominated twice in a row (if an article was nominated in the previous voting, it cannot be nominated again in the current one).
  • Users cannot nominate articles two months in a row.
  • Only six nominations max for every monthly voting are allowed. Any nomination surpassing this limit will be automatically disqualified.
  • CHEATING WILL NEVER BE TOLERATED. Any user who starts downvoting candidates just to rig the results or go asking other users to vote on his candidate will receive a warning and, in case of reincidence, a one month ban. No exceptions.


  • Be original and creative with the nominations.
  • Don't vote against a villain if you haven't read the article about it yet.
  • Don't vote against a villain just because you know nothing about him/her/it.
  • Don't say anything that may be offensive to another.
  • If you're going to vote against, present an actual argument for your reasoning. "He's boring" or "I don't like him" aren't arguments.

The correct nomination format is as follows:


  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against

Copy and paste the above table below the line:

Mr. Freeze (Comics)

For: 1
Against: 0
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Since December is the month most assoicated with the cold, why not have one of the most famous users of the element, and a key part in Batman's rouge gallery?

Shocker (Kamen Rider)

For: 2
Against: 0
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • #OrganizationForHeadline
  • Plus this year's the 20th anniversary of the Heisei Kamen Rider series and what better way to celebrate it than with the original Kamen Rider Big Bad?
  • I hate to admit, but they did appeared in the super sentai crossover.

Snow Queen

For: 2
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • Why not have the Snow Queen for December headlined?

Mr. Freeze (DC Animated Universe)

For: 4
Against: 3
  • I nominate this incarnation of Mr. Freeze because this was the version that truly revolutionized the character, transforming him from a one-note villain to the tragic figure he is well-known for.
  • Definetly! Mr Freeze is a prime Batman villain, and I love the animated version.
  • We have too many supervillains for a headlined article. We should have a different type of villains from another franchise.
  • I oppose a nomination that takes an already-drastically reduced - and perhaps unfair - nomination field and make it less competitive by simply naming an alternative iteration of a nominated character. We now have one-third of the nominees being the same character.
  • Give the ice themed villain the place during the month of Christmas? the most original idea of all.
  • To be honest, I'm not fond of any of these choices. But if Mr. Freeze were to end up being headlined, I'd much prefer to see his mainstream comic book counterpart before any adaptation of him, simply to highlight how the character's evolved over the years in comic history. That said, Captain Cold would have been better for a DC villain. Much cooler character (no pun intended) and he's quite underrated.

Ice King

For: 4
  • (if anyone votes against:) against reasons for against
  • His character backstory of how he became the Ice King was explained in that Christmas special of Adventure Time.I also find him as a very funny and charming character.
  • I prefer the Lich but for a Christmas holiday he is an excellent character with an amazing and well-written history! It works as well since the Adventure Time ended in 2018!

Harry and Marv

For: 11
  • How have these two NOT headlined yet? They're two villains that are practically synonymous with Christmas media. I say it's time to give the Wet Bandits their time to shine.
  • we can show the world we're not all about edge and darkness, comedy is a big part of villainy too and who better to champion this than the duo that have arguably embodied the modern concept of comedy villains in live-action (and especially in Holiday Season)?
  • Cant believe i forgot about these legends! Even tho i nominated another article, this one is perfect for December. 
  • Same with the reasoning above. I choose these two because we can show not all villains have to be scary or dark. But they can also be fun and bumbling at the same time. And these two are the iconic examples of that. That and despite I'm not a type of celebrating X-mas myself, these duos are actually one of the most iconic villains from X-Mas as Home Alone itself were made for that day.
  • These two characters are perfect to be the headline article during the time of Christmas. I have no idea why they weren't nominated before.
  • I understand that they have to lose one idea but your problem is Marv. He is someone who foils plans and he says that he must keep a landmark to show that it is open. Then, he is even too cowardly. By this, I think that they are a bunch of idiots that need to go to school again. After all, in my job, there is nothing we know. Actually, to be precise, I know hint at all. (Laugh as I’m a fan of Tintin