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Vildrok is the main villain in the 2006 movie Dragons destiny of fire. He is voiced by Jesús Ochoa in the original spanish dub.

About VildrokEdit

Vildrok is a demonic red dragon that has taken control of the center of the earth, he can absorb energy and also he tries to kill the beings from the earth by using energy of other dragons, also he thinks he can win without figthing but by being a coward the protagonist make fun of him.


Vildrok is shown to be a power-hungry tyrant with an abusive behavior and great skills when it comes to war and fighting. He relishes in the pain and misery of his victims, and has several tools which allow him to success in his conquests. Not only is he a ferocious and ruthless fighter, he also commands a large army of orcish creatures called 'Vildrags' who are led by General Grodok, Vildrok's right hand and the secondary antagonist of the movie. Vildrok is quite sadistic and never wastes any opportunity to find amusement when torturing those subjugated by him. However, he also possesses a rather explosive temper and does not take it well whenever there is a comment or joke made against him, which often leads to his downfall.