A professional! Glad I hired one.
Novikov to 47.
Novikov drown

47 dumping Novikov's unconscious body to his death in the waters below.

Viktor Novikov is the main antagonist of "The Showstopper" episode of HITMAN.


After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Viktor Novikov made his first fortune in real estate. He was very successful at it for many years, but became financially strained by a subsequent recession and turned to criminal activity to sustain his lavish lifestyle Five years before the Paris incident, Novikov's girlfriend Dalia Margolis convinced him to buy Sanguine Fashion House, so they could use it as a front for IAGO, their espionage ring.

Novikov stabbed to death

47 stabbing Novikov to death.


The Showstopper

Novikov hosted a Fashion Show in Paris, but in secret he was doing that to deliver information regarding M16 agents to an unknown man. During the show, he and his girlfriend Dalia Margolis are both murdered by Agent 47 during the middle of the show.